Ratings Explanation

All of my film reviews are done on a scale of 1-100 as detailed below.

100 – Perfect – A perfect film, providing both entertainment and depth along with a high level of craftsmanship.

90-99 – Fantastic – Near flawless, providing entertainment and deeper thought than the average film. Craftsmanship is excellent, but there might be a few wrinkles.

80-89 – Great – The film has some weak spots, but is otherwise highly enjoyable with resonant themes.

70-79 – Good – Typically entertaining or at least interesting, these films may not have the depth to be called great, but are well executed, nonetheless.

60-69 – Alright – These films are enjoyable, but typically have severe flaws that cause more mixed reactions.

50-59 – Mediocre – A flawed film. These films are typically either unremarkable or poorly films that have attempted something ambitious.

40-49 – Bad – These films typically have irredeemable flaws that either in structure or concept that prevent them from being good.

30-39 – Terrible – Take a bad film and worse.

20-29 – The Worst – These films typically aren’t even enjoyable in the ironic sense.

0-20 – Torture Devices – Rarely are widely distributed films this bad.